Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) significantly impact the future of companies and their shareholders, requiring meticulous planning, assessment, and competent experience due to their multifaceted nature. This complex legal process necessitates comprehensive consultancy services to ensure our clients are optimally represented and their interests are safeguarded at every step. Together with our team, we adopt a results-oriented and innovative approach, representing both sellers and buyers in local and cross-border M&A transactions from the initial stages (confidentiality agreements, letters of intent) through the intermediate stages (legal due diligence, project agreements, monitoring conditions precedent, and obtaining necessary regulatory approvals if required) to the closing stage (execution of share transfers, capital contributions, and management changes).

Our services include:

    • Drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, and binding/non-binding offers,
    • Conducting comprehensive or issue-specific legal due diligence, preparing reports and executive summaries, assessing legal risks, and drafting related memoranda,
    • Preparing, negotiating, and organizing the execution of all project documents and annexes, including share transfer agreements, capital contribution documents, shareholder agreements, and disclosure letters,
    • Supporting clients in fulfilling conditions precedent, monitoring these, and obtaining necessary approvals from relevant authorities such as the Competition Board,
    • Undersecretariat of Treasury, Capital Markets Board (CMB), and Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) based on the project’s requirements,
    • Executing and completing share transfer/capital contribution transactions and, if applicable, managing the general assembly processes related to management changes.

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