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Our story, our way of thinking and our values reflect the essence of our business.

Our Story

Aksan Law Firm was established in 1984. Initially focusing on the legal affairs of companies in the textile industry, it gradually expanded its portfolio. Over time, it shifted its focus towards international trade, especially export transactions, and effectively continued its activities on a global scale.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Aksan increased its consultancy services for corporate clients in the finance, heavy industry, and pharmaceutical sectors. It also developed internal support units such as human resources, finance, and information technology to provide more comprehensive services to its clients.

By the 2010s, Aksan expanded its service areas and developed a new approach aimed at technology-focused companies and both domestic and foreign investors. Establishing a pioneering team in Turkey, Aksan continued its activities in this field. Additionally, by opening a new office in Teknopark Istanbul, it aimed to provide closer and more direct services to technology companies.

Additionally, Aksan has established working groups in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, tax law, and intellectual property law, continuing to provide our clients with comprehensive and high-quality services.

About Us

Aksan Law Firm, established in 1984, is an independent law firm providing services across various legal fields. From its inception, it has been committed to offering reliable consultancy services to its clients.

Aksan aims to provide world-class services to its customers with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality standards.  By closely following both national and international developments, Aksan continuously improves itself to meet its clients’ needs and maintain consistent quality.

Aksan, with long-standing colleagues and a global client network, remains in contact with law firms, professional organizations, and strong partners worldwide to provide its clients with appropriate legal solutions.  This enables Aksan to offer the necessary guidance and support, ensuring that their clients receive the best possible legal services.


Aksan Network

Aksan Law Firm focuses on both its esteemed colleagues and valued clients to build a strong and diverse Aksan Network. The Aksan Network comprises comprehensive relationships based on cooperation and trust, both domestically and internationally.

Our colleagues, equipped with knowledge and experience across various legal fields, come together to provide the highest quality service to our clients. The Aksan Network promotes cooperation among our colleagues, each offering complementary skills. Those we have previously collaborated with remain part of our network, maintaining long-term relationships of cooperation and trust.

Additionally, Aksan’s client network covers a wide range of sectors and regions. The Aksan Network reflects the strong relationships we have established with our clients and our ability to understand their needs.

The Aksan Network aims to support the success of both our colleagues and our clients, fostering long-term relationships built on trust. Within this framework, cooperation and interaction are key elements in continuously improving the quality of Aksan’s services.

Our Values

Inclusion and Diversity

At Aksan Law Firm, we aim to work with individuals who possess qualities that align with the Aksan culture, regardless of gender, language, religion, race, color, age, nationality, differing opinions, or socioeconomic status. We value the unique experiences, knowledge, and perspectives each employee brings to the table. We value the unique experiences, knowledge, and perspectives each employee brings to the table. The combination of diverse perspectives and experiences enables us to grow together under the Aksan umbrella.

The Value of Working Together

We care about working together and sharing information without creating an environment of competition and conflict. While working in different departments, our team members also come together as part of the Aksan family. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of solidarity and strive to preserve and enhance this culture.

Effective and Prompt Communication

We actively maintain communication by responding to inquiries and messages from our clients, colleagues, and other business partners as quickly as possible. In our communication network, there is no hierarchy; all our employees can easily consult and communicate with our managers and partners. Effective and swift communication plays an important role in the practice of our profession.

Continuous Learning and Development

The constant updating and development of knowledge is of critical importance to us. For this reason, we always support the education and learning of our employees so they can stay abreast of global developments and continuously improve themselves. By continuously developing our employees’ skills, we aim to provide the best possible service to our clients and business partners.


At Aksan Law Firm, transparent governance and continuous improvement are targeted through management committees working in various strategic areas.

Sustainability and Compliance Committee

We incorporate sustainability and compliance principles into the core of our business practices. The Sustainability and Compliance Committee aims to improve and adapt our business processes by considering environmental, social, and economic impacts. Reflecting our corporate values, this committee strives to ensure our adherence to legal and ethical standards.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee develops and implements strategies to support the education and career development of our colleagues. Adopting an education and career-focused approach at every step, from recruitment processes to training and career opportunities, this committee helps our team members achieve their career goals.

Innovation Committee

At Aksan Law Firm, we constantly encourage development and innovation. The Innovation Committee works to discover, implement, and disseminate new ideas and technologies in the legal field. Encouraging creative thinking and offering innovative solutions to improve our business processes, this committee plays a crucial role in Aksan’s transformation and progress.

Academy  Committee

As Aksan Law Firm, we emphasize the importance of knowledge and education by fostering knowledge sharing. The Academy Committee ensures that students, team members, and stakeholders stay updated on developments in law and the industry. Organizing educational programs and facilitating knowledge exchange, this committee aims to continually enhance the knowledge base of our employees.

Foreign Relations Committee

At Aksan Law Firm, we aim to build a global network through strong external relations. The Foreign Relations Committee manages collaborations with international partners. By expanding our global connections and offering our clients opportunities for international cooperation, this committee supports our clients on the international stage.

Communication Committee

We prioritize transparent and effective communication. The Communication Committee develops and supports both internal and external communication strategies. Regularly providing information to our clients and stakeholders, this committee fosters mutual understanding and collaboration, laying the foundations for solid relationships.

40th year

We are celebrating 40 years in law.