International Desks

To reinforce our client-oriented approach, we form country-based working groups.


Adopting the philosophy of the Belt and Road Initiative, the China Desk works to bring together Turkish and Chinese investors, as well as to provide legal and investment consultancy in cross-country projects and to promote strategic cooperation. The Desk continues this mission by strengthening its relations with consulates, working with the Foreign Economic Relations Board, and communicating with many companies and law firms in the People’s Republic of China.

United Kingdom

The UK Desk advises clients seeking to do business in Turkey and UK clients seeking to enter the Turkish market, providing services on a range of matters including company formation, mergers and acquisitions, investment processes and dispute resolution. Consular relations are being strengthened and collaborations are being established with leading organizations, well-known law firms and prestigious universities in the UK in order to connect and increase dialogue between the business people of the two countries.



The MENA Desk provides legal services to clients in the MENA region with a team fluent in Arabic. We provide family business advice in Turkey to address the legal needs of the region and support clients in a wide range of sectors such as real estate, foreign trade, retail and industry to access advisory services to operate and invest in the MENA region. The MENA Desk uses its years of experience to prioritize the development of commercial relationships and provides legal advisory services to its clients.


The India Desk aims to strengthen communication with the Indian Consulates in Turkey and provide support to Indian business people in areas such as citizenship, residence permit, investment and business consultancy. Through its contacts in India, it advises its investor clients and counsels them to operate in the Indian region. The Desk also carries out this mission through its activities before the Foreign Economic Relations Board.



The German-speaking team is experienced in the legal, commercial and cultural differences between Turkey and Germany. This experience allows for contacts in areas such as corporate and contract law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance transactions. Through its solution partners, Masa supports clients to benefit from legal services in the relevant region. For this purpose, it also aims to have international communication, strengthening consular relations and maintaining communication with various organizations, especially chambers of commerce in the region.


Taking steps to expand its clients’ sphere of influence, the US Desk aims to protect its clients’ commercial and brand values in the US and to establish various relationships in the region. Closely following the investment opportunities in the US, Masa provides legal services to American-Turkish clients in this regard. It is in contact with various business organizations established there in order to improve the dialogue between the two countries.


The Japan Desk, one of Aksan’s first initiatives, aims to provide more effective service to Japanese clients by utilizing its years of knowledge and business experience, as well as to contribute to Turkish – Japanese cooperation. For this purpose, it carries out activities and organizes various invitations to strengthen communication with Japanese Consulates, to bring Turkish – Japanese business people together, to develop cultural, industrial and commercial relations between the two countries. The Desk also carries out this mission through its activities before the Foreign Economic Relations Board.


The Eurasia Desk deals with dynamic markets such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and provides strategic and comprehensive services on the legal systems and cultural structures of these regions. In particular, it increases its know-how in the region through its solution partners in Tashkent. She supports clients’ success in emerging markets across a range of sectors including energy, finance and technology.


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