Many family businesses today are concerned about their future due to disputes among family members. To minimize the inherent risks, binding family constitutions, which require expertise in their preparation and negotiation, are being drafted for shareholders. These constitutions establish sustainable rules across generations and promote the institutionalization of the companies. Thus, measures are taken to ensure the long-term continuity of the companies and the successful transfer of their corporate structure to future generations.


After a comprehensive examination of the companies, Aksan Law Firm, with its client-focused approach and extensive knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, guides the preparation and implementation of family constitutions. This ensures that the operations of the companies are built on solid foundations and successfully transferred to future generations.

Our services include:

    • Preparing procedures for the preservation of family assets, and the use and distribution of asset income, as well as drafting the family constitution.
    • Defining procedures for the protection and transfer of company shares.
    • Engaging with company shareholders to assess and accurately determine their needs, goals, and objectives in alignment with those of the company.
    • Determining the rights, responsibilities, and share structure of shareholders.
    • Providing consultancy services for the creation of family funds alongside company assets.
    • Offering guidance in family constitution-related disputes, conflict resolution, and crisis management.

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