Consumer Law Services


One of our primary services is providing preventive legal consultancy to individuals and companies offering sales and/or brokerage services through online or physical sales points, as well as those providing real estate sales and/or brokerage services, under consumer law legislation.


Additionally, we offer support in investigations conducted by the Ministry of Commerce’s Directorate of Consumer Protection and Surveillance. With our extensive experience, we provide comprehensive services for resolving disputes at the Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts, offering both preventive legal consultancy and dispute resolution for both sellers and consumers.

Our services include:

    • Providing preventive legal consultancy for sellers,
    • Representing clients and managing litigation processes in dispute cases,
    • Offering support in investigations conducted by the Ministry of Commerce,
    • Conducting risk analysis and preparing documentation as needed for sales conducted in stores and/or online in accordance with regulations,
    • Assisting consumers in application and complaint processes.

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