Aksan Lawyers Elected to 4 DEIK Business Council Executive Boards
Written By Aksan Law Firm | 12 January 2020

Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) business council elections held on 11th of January 2020 in Istanbul. 145 business council chairmen and executive board members were elected simultaneously during each council’s ordinary meeting of the general assembly.

A total of 2530 votes were cast with the participation of DEİK members within the scope of the DEİK business council’s elections which is held biennially. The new chairmen and executive board members of the business councils will be on duty for a two-year period.

Aksan Law Firm’s candidates succeeded to be elected for the following 4 business councils’ executive boards:

  • Turkey – Japan Business Council
  • Turkey – Finland Business Council
  • Turkey – China Business Council
  • Turkey – India Business Council
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