Aksan Law Firm organized a series of seminars to significant firms of start-up ecosystem at Teknopark Istanbul
Written By Aksan Law Firm | 27 December 2018

Working with a good deal of outstanding companies and businessmen since 1984, Aksan Law Firm recently arranged a series of seminars with a preventive law mindset at Teknopark Istanbul focusing on tech entrepreneurs for 3 months.


Atty. Melih Aksan

4th of Oct, 2018

Fundamental Information of Law for Entrepreneurship Journey

Atty. Mehmet Taş &
Atty. Ayça Türkoğlu

11th of Oct, 2018

Contract Preparation and Fundamentals of Contracts

Atty. Nil Özdemir &
Atty. Gamze Telli

25th of Oct, 2018

White-collar workforce and Business Relationships

Atty. Bilde Bilen

7th of Nov, 2018

Frequently Encountered Contract Types on Information Technology Sector

Atty. Mendi Ojalvo & Brand Agent Altan Altun

15th of Nov, 2018

Brand and Patent Registration Processes and Protection Measures

Atty. Aras Can &
Atty. Mine Abiş

29th of Nov, 2018

Personal Data Concepts, Regulation Enforcements and Current Applications

Atty. Mehmet Taş

20th of Dec, 2018

Partnership Law, Stock and Company Acquisitions, Public Offerings


We are grateful to all attending companies for their interest and Teknopark Istanbul administration for their support.

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