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Written By Emre Subaşı | 28 March 2022
Proposal of the draft law on crypto assets (“Draft”) to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is undoubtedly long-awaited in the crypto-asset industry. Although there are various speculations and expectations regarding the Draft, it is considered almost certain that the regulation and supervision of the crypto-asset industry will be
Written By Anet Biçer | 31 March 2021
For the sale or promise-to-sell of immovable / immovables between foreigners; , the phrase "Including the foreign person's spouse and children" was added to the regulation stating that
Written By Ali Emre Ak | 18 November 2020
India, one of the fastest-growing economies of the World, has a serious potential that is still waiting to be explored. For the past several years, foreign investors are getting advantage of India's market ever than before based on the great access that India presents.
Written By Oktay Şener | 25 June 2020
Pursuant to a fresh decision of Data Protection Authority, Data Controllers’ Registry (VERBIS) obligation has been extended 3 more months, from its extended deadline of 30.06.2020, to a new deadline of 30.09.2020.
Written By Oktay Şener | 05 May 2020
Within the scope of the COVID-19 combat, the suspension period in legal proceedings regulated under the Provisional Article 1 of the Law on the Amendment of Certain Laws numbered 7226 has been extended from
Written By Onur Ergün | 27 February 2020
Our latest article "A Trending Security Model of M&A Transactions: Warranty Insurance” by our partner Onur Ergün, senior associate Yağmur İpek Özen and legal intern Bengisu Doğan is published.
Written By Mehmet Taş | 07 February 2020
The exception ensures taxpayers to process their above-mentioned tax payments via private bank accounts only if they conduct the relevant payment operation with a credit card.
Written By Oktay Şener | 27 December 2019
Pursuant to a fresh decision of Data Protection Authority, Data Controllers’ Registry (VERBIS) obligation has been extended six more months, from its extended deadline of 31.12.2019, to a new deadline of 30.06.2020.
Written By Anet Biçer | 06 September 2018
Turkish citizenship may be acquired with two ways as a” birth” and application to the “competent authority”, according to the Turkish Citizenship Law (Law No.5901).
Written By New York | 01 February 2018
Last month, the United States convicted Mehmet Hakan Atilla, Turkish bank executive, in a conspiracy to assist Reza Zarab in avoiding U.S. sanctions against Iran.
Written By Muhammet Aksan | 14 October 2015
This work has been prepared in order to review the implementation ongoing in Turkey in the import of herbal food to be carried out from Japan, and in the first part of the work, the procedure in Turkish legislation and in the second part, the specific status of Japan in terms of the implementation will be handled.