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People of Aksan are expert in a wide range of legal areas and highly proficient in their particular area of practice, also they provided organized and competent solutions to the legal issues. Aksan aims to provide the best legal services to its respectable clients together with the law offices and professional organisations around the world.

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Aksan has departments consisting of lawyers who are experts in their fields in order to respond to Turkey's developing and world-integrating economy and to the diversified service demands.

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Written By Emre Subaşı | 12 July 2023
In the ever-expanding world of finance and technology, crypto assets have emerged as a prominent player, captivating the attention of investors, regulators, and enthusiasts alike. However, defining what constitutes a crypto asset has been a subject of debate in its early stages. Today, with the growing consensus among regulatory...
Written By Nargiz Gambarova | 21 December 2022
Following the amendment made in Circular No. 2019/5 issued within the scope of the Implementation Regulation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, major changes have been made in implementing the Turkish Citizenship Law, effective as of 01.01.2023.
Written By Nargiz Gambarova | 18 October 2022
According to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), foreign investors can acquire Turkish citizenship by investing at least 500,000 US Dollars or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira deposits (this amount was at least 3,000,000 US Dollars before the amendment) to banks operating in Turkey for three (3) years.
Written By Onur Ergün | 01 July 2022
With regard to the European Union (“EU”) practices on Climate Change which we have mentioned in our previous articles, last Wednesday, July 22, European Parliament adopted three key draft laws with the intention of making the Green Deal and the carbon net-zero
Written By Zeynep Taydaş | 03 June 2022
As a result of the individual application, the Constitutional Court decided that fingerprint tracking at workplaces is an act that violates the right to request the protection of personal data within the scope of respect for private life.
Written By Emre Subaşı | 28 March 2022
Proposal of the draft law on crypto assets (“Draft”) to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is undoubtedly long-awaited in the crypto-asset industry. Although there are various speculations and expectations regarding the Draft, it is considered almost certain that the regulation and supervision of the crypto-asset industry will be
Written By Anet Biçer | 31 March 2021
For the sale or promise-to-sell of immovable / immovables between foreigners; , the phrase "Including the foreign person's spouse and children" was added to the regulation stating that
Written By Ali Emre Ak | 18 November 2020
India, one of the fastest-growing economies of the World, has a serious potential that is still waiting to be explored. For the past several years, foreign investors are getting advantage of India's market ever than before based on the great access that India presents.
Written By Oktay Şener | 25 June 2020
Pursuant to a fresh decision of Data Protection Authority, Data Controllers’ Registry (VERBIS) obligation has been extended 3 more months, from its extended deadline of 30.06.2020, to a new deadline of 30.09.2020.