Corporate Law Services


Corporate law is a comprehensive legal field that regulates the establishment, management, and operations of businesses, encompassing the creation and operation of the necessary legal and institutional framework for companies to conduct their activities. In addition to ensuring that internal regulations are implemented, corporate law also addresses the relationships and responsibilities between a company’s shareholders, directors, and relevant third parties. Together with our competent team, we provide essential legal support to companies, efficiently managing all legal processes arising from corporate law, including company formation, mergers, demergers, transformations, and intra-group share transfers.


We offer legal services not only in consultancy but also in litigation and dispute resolution, actively handling cases and resolving disputes arising from corporate law.

Our services include:

  • Drafting agreements, protocols, commitments, and other documents, providing opinions on incoming contracts and other texts, and negotiating,
  • Preparing the preparatory documents for general assembly and board of directors meetings and managing the process,
  • Managing the legal process for capital increases, reductions, establishment, mergers, demergers, transformations, and any amendments to the articles of association, and completing registration procedures,
  • Establishing correct legal relationships among group companies and ensuring compliance with corporate group regulations,
  • Closely monitoring the legal regulations governing the company’s activities and promptly informing the company of any potential changes.


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