E-Commerce Law

E-commerce provides an opportunity to reach a wider audience for almost any product and service imaginable, faster and at a lower cost than traditional retail and physical sales operations. In recent years, the e-commerce ecosystem has been growing and developing with exponential momentum in Turkey and all around the world which creates the necessity for many legal regulations along with this complex and major structure.

Although there are some specific legislations under the cap of "electronic commercial law", this concept is basically gathered under one roof by the combination of many different disciplines. Intellectual Property Law, Personal Data Protection Law and regulations on data security, Competition Law, Consumer Law, Commercial Law within the framework of rights and obligations arising from contractual relations in general, and many more can be counted. As this consolidated structure brings legal responsibilities related to rapid changes and often very new and unprecedent regulations, it must follow-up carefully. 

As Aksan Law Firm E-commerce Law Working Team, regardless of whether our client is a service provider, marketplace owner, seller, social media influencer, or any stakeholder in the e-commerce ecosystem in any other capacity; we provide them reliable, transparent, and full-fledged legal consultancy services, aiming to protect their maximum interests so that they can properly handle and manage all legal risks they are involved in within the framework of their e-commerce activities.

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